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Litecoin solo guiminer localhost

litecoin solo guiminer localhost

wallet - especially these Wallet-QT bitcoin wallet clones that the Alt coins are using (Dogecoin-qt, Litecoin-qt, Digitalcoin-qt, etc). If on the same machine, using cudaminer, that command line would look like: C:cudaminer-x86cudaminer -d 0,1 -i 0,0 -m 1,1 -l T14x30,T14x30 -H 1 -o localhost:3333 -O james:dean 2 logfile. There is encryption of passwords and there are hashing of passwords. You can ignore the options, and focus only on the -o and -O parts. This is specific to my machine, where I use Google Drive to share "portable" apps so I don't have to frack with setting them up multiple times across different machines. After time, blocks become very difficult and time consuming to generate -.g. This is NOT my AppDataRoaming folder either! Exe's config file is:.exe's config file is: nf Do note that the config file must be in the directory listed above in the Roaming part. There are also other advantages I am noticing: Less network traffic. I let it sync overnight, as I mined more Dogecoins in the fast-pool I was using.

"Chances are" is an interesting statement.  I'm guessing, and I'll find out later when I try to use multiple machines. Shut up and tell me how do you setup solo mine then!  Mainly because starring at 100s of lines like these for hours. Solo Mining is attempting to find those blocks on your own.

Can anyone help me to understand a thing about solo mining? Thank you for help! Stack Exchange Network, stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q A communities including. I'll tell you what though. DGC: doge: LTC: BTC: post edited by eduncan /01/26 12:05:18. This is not a completely guide. I had to wait 7 hours to find my first block. It's a bunch of voodoo and hard to know exactly what the pool is doing (though I am sure most can be trusted). Well, that's a rough estimate and can vary greatly. Server1 # You must set rpcuser and rpcpassword to secure the json-RPC api rpcuseruser rpcpassword a password you make up Tell pyminer to mine at localhost with the password/username combo you just used. I haven't got my ATI machines up yet so I haven't used cgminer yet to know. B If there wasn't one included with your Wallet (e.g.

litecoin solo guiminer localhost

Conf file into appdata/bitcoin/ with the bellow values.
I run cgminer with this values cgminer.

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