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Dow :.669 0,4, nas :.816 0,1, bitcoin :.694 -1,0. Want to place link to this page on your site? DAX :.211 -0,2, eSt50 :.373 -0,1, tDax :.881 -0,3. Die..
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China hat eine bereits eine eigene, staatliche kontrollierte Krypto-Währung namens Neo ausgerollt, in Russland ist ein CryptoRubel geplant. Mehr zum Thema, die Zeitung Die Welt berichtet unter Berufung auf..
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Bitcoin graphs reddit

bitcoin graphs reddit

been so cautious. I can't attach probabilities to the above; but I think they make sense. I hope the Bitcoin model, which was created by the powerful innovative free market system, will earn serious traction and acceptance as a global alternative digital currency model, and will compete with all fiat currency systems. Even better, Bitcoin is not controlled by a central bank, thereby reducing the risk of manipulation from authoritarian governments. And with a limited supply, inflation should be kept at a minimum. While the market has become more stable and liquid, services like Bit-Pay allow merchants to accept BC from customers and automatically convert it to USD. Its good for the internet, its good for business. Primarily, it incentivizes miners to hoard the currency upon receiving. In the last 2 months Bitcoin has risen nearly 100, prior to that it fell 55 in 2 months, in April it fell from 81 in 6 days! Even though there are some who claim Bitcoins are the currency of the future, I just don't see.

Revisiting the business logic of Reddit Inc supporting BitCoin. Once it is mainstream, it will be obvious to accept btc. It could expand the de facto money supply and could increase or decrease the velocity of circulation of the supply of fiat money and near-money. As an investment, I wont touch.

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Reddit has an active BitCoin community that will likely immediately support Reddit Inc accepting BC for Reddit Gold. Normally, I would go into my evangelist mode and talk about how Bitcoin is important to maintaining freedom of speech online, how it coininvest bitcoin secures the economic bedrock to an eventual free internet, how it develops P2P further, the importance of anonymity blah blah blah BUT. Because the Bitcoin supply doesn't increase in proportion to the growth or use of Bitcoins, there is a deflationary effect, creating an incentive for people to hoard Bitcoins rather than spend them. I wish Bitcoin all the best of luck, but Im afraid it may never make it into one of our investment portfolios. 4) The system is prone to theft given the file sharing nature and this has occurred several times. Absent reliable providers of a liquid marketplace, volatility will remain high. At a time when we're seeing just how much power is abused. Bitcoin can't be a viable long-term currency unless, and until, it is more broadly accepted as an exchange medium for items of real value (i.e.

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